I am Jodi Argüello (pronounced ar-g-way-yo). I am so happy and excited to be here at Williams. Although this is my first year to work as a counselor, this is my 18th year in education. My family and I moved here 7 years ago from San Antonio. I grew up in Mexico and have lived in many different places such as Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Honolulu just to name a few. We love to travel, socialize, read, cookout and hike. 

My job as your school counselor is to assist students in their social emotional learning and to provide them with tools to help with their self management skills so that they can be successful in their learning and reach their full potential. I am available to counsel students who may need additional support during difficult times. My office is open and visits are confidential.

I look forward to assisting our students and partnering with our families. This is a team effort. Life can be hard and if your family is experiencing a difficult situation such as the death of a family member, divorce, or a family member has been incarcerated please reach out. I want to help prevent these situations from impacting students' academic success.

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