Williams Elementary School

Box Tops Blast Off Results-10/25

Only TWO more days until the Fall Semester Box Top Blast-off is over! All Box Tops are due by Friday, October 27th in order to be counted towards the Ice Cream Sundae challenge. Here are the results as of Wednesday, October 25th:

1st Place- Ms Mitchell's class with 761...This is Fantastic...Can your class reach 1,000? I dare you!

2nd Place-Ms Aguilar's class with 669-Closing in on the tail of Ms Mitchell's class...1st place is not yet a "done deal"!

3rd Place-Ms Garcia's class with 185-Uh, Oh...these 1st graders just came out of nowhere!

4th Place-Ms Estrada's Class with 178-I bet these 4th graders can soar past 200!

5th Place-Ms Peek's Kindergarten with 162-Look-out Everyone! These new Wildcats are preparing for success!

Other classes that have blasted off include Ms Flynn, Ms James, Ms Melton, Ms Huey, Ms Pena, Ms Pizzuti, Ms Schroder, Ms Luster, Ms Foxx and Ms Lara.