Williams Elementary School


Welcome to Williams Elementary!

I am your counselor, Lisa Schmitz, and I have proudly served the Williams community for the past ten years.

My role is to support the needs of students and families to ensure the highest level of academic and personal success.  My door is open to students, staff, and families as a link to the programs and resources that offer any help that is needed.

Some of the student programs that I coordinate include:

  • The Leadership Team
  • Williams Running Club
  • Legacy of Giving
  • PALS
  • No Place for Hate
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Welcoming Schools
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Kidshope Mentoring

When children experience difficult family situations, academic progress may be affected.  

Students may benefit from counseling to help with divorce, incarcerated family members, deportation issues, or family deaths. My program is confidential, free of judgement, and serves to support the needs of each family. Please know I am available to help during these difficult times.